Tiktak Production is an audiovisual and film production company specializing in the executive and executive production of feature films.


Tiktak Production is an audiovisual and film production company specializing in the executive and executive production of feature films.


Tiktak Production is an audiovisual and film production company specializing in the executive and executive production of feature films.


From conception to production, through post-production to broadcasting, Tiktak Production accompanies each project in feature films and fiction series.

Sweet Dreams

Feature Film

En Boucle

Fiction series

Audiovisual and film production company founded in 2005

Created 15 years ago, the company Tiktak Production produces feature films and fiction series. A dynamic team led by Laurent Médéa (Doctor of Sociology), trained from his tender years from college to university in Communication and Cinema. It is therefore only natural that Tiktak Production follows a demanding and committed editorial line on the social issues that plague us in the world.
In recent years, Tiktak Production has also started to co-produce feature films and commercial series with a national and international dimension. Tiktak Production is also keen to highlight current issues, while bringing new talent to the fore.


Tiktak Production is:


  • Member of the Office of the Reunion Film Agency (AFR) since 2014
  • Member of the AFR since 2005
  • Founding member of the Reunion Union of Audiovisual and Film Producers (URPAC and a member of the USPA) since 2008

  • Founding member of the Association of Animation Trades and Video Games of The Meeting (AMAJEVIR recognized by the SPFA) since 2010
  • Member of the Association of Reunion Producers, Authors and Directors (APAR) since 2005
  • Member of the French Association of Film Producers (AFPF) since 2010


Sweet Dreams

En Boucle

In an unexpected time loop, François Françoise, a Creole from Reunion Island who is not very deconstructed, finds himself alternately in Reunion Island and in the Paris suburbs, embodying two versions of himself: one aspiring to the position of deputy director without understanding the concept of inclusivity, the other living an ideal life thanks to the deconstruction of toxic masculinity. Lost in these two worlds, he accumulates blunders. To break the curse, Francis must learn kindness, tolerance, and empathy in order to grow.

Genre: Comedy 

Director: Manon Amacouty

Release date: under production

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

1900. A secluded island, rich in flora and fauna. In the midst of a new sugar crisis, Jan (patriarch and owner of a sugar plantation) dies suddenly, leaving two women to fend for themselves: Agathe, his wife, and Siti, the housekeeper, mother of his illegitimate son. A family reunion ensues. When his young illegitimate son turns out to be the sole heir, it’s every man for himself, man, woman, child, plant and animal…

Genre: Drama

Director: Ena Sendijarević

Release date: 2023

The Number

After the murder of a young protégé, the leader of a prison gang confirms his growing doubts about life in prison and joins the efforts of a guard who wants to change the situation.

Genre: Fiction, Feature Film

Selection: Toronto International Film Festival (2017), Festival del Cinema Africano, Asia e America Latina African, Asian and Latin American FF Milanol (2018).

Release date: 2018

Extra large

Nikki is a modern-day Cinderella. Instead of having rags and living in ash, she has a body in
Overweight. Nikki is condemned to live naked because the company only makes clothes for “thin princesses”. But tonight is the big ball of the year and Nikki absolutely wants to go.

Genre: Fiction, Short Film

Co-production with Manny Films

Release date: 2022


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The strengths of Reunion Island

America? Savannah of Africa? Spain? Amazon? Mars? Reunion stands out for the diversity and beauty of its landscapes. You will be able to easily reproduce different decorations on the island. In addition, the island’s pitons, circuses and ramparts are among the natural properties listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Public aid and tax credits

For feature films: 30% tax credit for benefits of more than 30 million euros.

For French spending on VFX: 40% tax credit for benefits of more than 2 million euros

We have the opportunity to finance and co-finance projects with public aid from Reunion, France and Europe (Reunion Region, National Centre for Cinema and Video Game, Media Creative, Eurimages, etc.). Our team will be happy to answer your questions, in addition to helping you take advantage of the tax incentives associated with the production, co-production and co-development of films and series in fiction and animation, in Reunion Island and France.

In addition, Reunion as a French region is eligible for the Tax Credit for the Production of Foreign Films in France (C2I). The International Tax Credit (C2I) covers film or audiovisual works (unitary or series) of fiction or animation whose production is initiated by a foreign company and of which all or part of the production takes place in France. We are also eligible for VFX benefits…

For any fiscal year beginning after January 1 of the year N-2, the credit rate granted is 30% of the eligible expenses of the film in France. The maximum amount of credit granted per project is 30 million euros. You can also benefit from a 40% tax credit on your French expenses in VFX (for benefits of more than 2 million euros).


Here is a list of our most important references



Blue Island Studio

Our VFX partner in animations and video games

For its animation creations, Tiktak Production works closely with Blue Island Studio. The studio specializes in visual effects and animations for world-class films, with the ambition of becoming a major player in the film and video game industry. Blue Island Studios offers its expertise in innovative animated films and video games, while enhancing the creative community. Blue Island offers state-of-the-art facilities and is home to an international collective of VFX and 3D artists, who have worked in world-renowned film and video game studios. They combine their talent, imagination and technological innovation to create exceptional visual effects and 3D animations.

TikTak Animation Studio

Our partner specialized in animated films and series.

TikTak Animation Studio is our fast-growing partner studio, known for its creativity and expertise in producing high-quality animated content. Thanks to a talented and passionate team, the studio has quickly established itself in the animation industry by offering a variety of projects, ranging from feature films to television series. His commitment to artistic and technical excellence has earned him recognition, making TikTak a major player in the field of animation.

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